Faraday the Pains Away

Michael Faraday was one of the most important scientists in history. His discoveries in electromagnetism and electrochemistry changed the world and continue to influence our daily lives to this day. While it doesn’t share anything besides his name, the Faraday gem will similarly make your life easier. With Faraday, fetch requests from a controller in your Ruby on Rails project becomes a breeze.

What Is Faraday?

According to the official docs:

“Faraday is a simple, flexible HTTP client library, with support for multiple backends. Faraday also is a middleware.”

the key is that Faraday is simple. Compared to other concepts, Faraday is a…

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Git Gone

I was recently coding on a Ruby/React app feature requiring a fetch to a third party’s database. The fetch required 5 different keys, including account id’s and a secret key, which I didn’t want anybody to see. My first impulse was to send the request on the client side but I didn’t want to expose any of these private keys as they would show up in my code pushed to GitHub. Previously I would include this information in the .gitignore file but I wanted to try a different approach this time. I felt like fetching from the backend might be…

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Table With Columns Instead of Legs?

Structured Query Language or SQL is the language of databases. With SQL we have already covered how to write basic queries in order to find columns and/or rows matching specific conditions generated in our SQL statements. In previous exercises we had tables already made with which to pull our data from so let us take a step back and practice creating our database and tables.

Creating the Database

There are no tables to hold any data without first making the database. The SQL command for this is:

CREATE DATABASE awesomedatabase

This will create a new database called “awesomedatabase”.

WARNING!! Make sure you have…

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If you’ve ever met anyone who had the inclination to do anything at anytime, you may already familiar with wildcards. They may not be the most reliable people in the world but they can be fun at the right times. Obviously we are not here to talk about impulsive people but rather the SQL Wildcard.

What is a Wildcard?

In SQL a wildcard is used when you need to substitute characters in a string. It is used in conjunction with the LIKE operator, which itself is used with the WHERE statement to search a column for a specified pattern.

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Make Like a Server and Join Those Tables

SQL is an essential language to know. In my last blog I discussed some basic SELECT queries in order to illustrate how straightforward it can be to get started. The syntax for SQL can be slightly different depending on the program being used but overall it isn’t too hard to see what the (basic) statement is doing. The first SQL statement to make me stop and really think was the JOIN statement. Let’s take a look at why they are used and how they work.

What is a JOIN?

A JOIN clause is used to combine rows from two or more tables based on…

It’s All About That Data

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SQL or Structured Query Language is a great skill to learn as a software developer. It is easy to learn, use, and is in-demand at a ton of high-paying companies. Even though SQL has been around for decades, it continues to grow in popularity and necessity when dealing with database manipulation. Why not gain proficiency in such a useful language?

Seek Well

SQL allows you to access and manipulate databases. You can execute queries, retrieve data, insert, update, and delete records. You can also create new databases, tables, views, along with a slew of other useful procedures. …

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Devise Your Own Protection

Security is essential in the wilderness that is the Internet. It has created an arms race to keep sensitive information safe from those who would seek to steal it. When designing an app, it is most important to protect the user’s account information . This is most commonly achieved by using private passwords to authenticate a user is who they claim to be. If you are using Ruby on Rails to setup your database, there is a gem that can keep your passwords safe while also providing a slew of authorization features. This gem is called Devise.

Getting Started

To get started…

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When Your Good Isn’t Good Enough

Life after a coding bootcamp is tough. They tell you this from the start. During my time in school they joked about the final module being life and your journey as a programmer never stops. At the time they were just words, something to deal with after the avalanche of homework, projects, and COVID. You can give someone advice based on your experiences in life but they will never appreciate it until they live it themselves. Now it is 4 months after graduation and the reality of those words are setting in. For most of us that don’t get that…

The CLI or Command Line Interface is a vital tool in a programmers kit. In an age where most everything we work with is a Graphical User Interface (GUI), it can be easy to overlook CLI commands. The CLI uses text to process commands to a computer program. It might not be the most exciting way, but it is integral in quickly and efficiently getting a variety of things done. This article will illustrate some basic and must-know commands for any programmer. Let’s open up a terminal and take a look.

Basic Commands

mkdir — This command is short for Make Directory…

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What is this!?

Searches are a fundamental part of life on the web. It is such an essential feature some people don’t even think about the “search” in the engine anymore. Ponder for a second the fortune Google has amassed, all from the basic need to quickly scan the ocean of data we call the Internet. While you probably won’t challenge Google’s dominance any time soon, it shouldn’t deter you from learning about regular expressions and how they can help you no matter what coding language you prefer.

Regular Expressions

According to Wikipedia,

A regular expression (shortened as regex or regexp; also referred to as…

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