Getting Started With SQL

It’s All About That Data

Seek Well

The Database

SQL Statements

SELECT * FROM Employees;
SELECT Phone FROM Employees;
SELECT * FROM EmployeesWHERE JobCode='ME3';
greater than >less than <greater than or equal to >=less than or equal to <=not equal <> (or != depending on the program)between BETWEEN (a certain rage)search for a pattern LIKE specify multiple values for a column IN 
SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE Salary=65800 AND Phone=’914/455–2337';
SELECT * FROM EmployeesWHERE Salary=29860 OR LName=’Parker’;
SELECT * FROM EmployeesWHERE NOT LName=’Greenwald’;
SELECT * FROM EmployeesWHERE JobCode=’ME3' AND (LName=’Chin’ OR LName=’Wood’);

Just the Beginning

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