Relationship of Command: Getting Comfortable with Command Line Interface

The CLI or Command Line Interface is a vital tool in a programmers kit. In an age where most everything we work with is a Graphical User Interface (GUI), it can be easy to overlook CLI commands. The CLI uses text to process commands to a computer program. It might not be the most exciting way, but it is integral in quickly and efficiently getting a variety of things done. This article will illustrate some basic and must-know commands for any programmer. Let’s open up a terminal and take a look.

Basic Commands

mkdir — This command is short for Make Directory. This is a useful way to create a folder on your Desktop or in any location you want. If no location is given it will create one in your current working directory.


GREP stands for “global regular expression print”

Other Useful Commands

cp — This command is used to copy files or directories. Follow the cp command with the name of the file you want to copy then the name of the directory you want to copy it into.

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